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Viva, San Antonio!

With each story set in the culturally rich city of San Antonio, Texas, this lighthearted series features three long time amigos and the women who ultimately capture their hearts

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Trini's story...

Once known as 'The Crusher' in the made-for-TV wrestling world, but now a high school coach and single dad, Trini just wants a quiet life for himself and his children. Then along comes journalist Rae Malloy, known as Bulldog by her peers for her persistence at getting a story, and she thinks Trini has an interesting one. Can this gentle giant hang on to his privacy while trying to hang onto his heart at the same time?

Gabriel's story...


Gabe wants closure with Jennifer Becker, the shy teacher whose insecurities cost him his youthful dreams. Trouble is, after all these years Gabriel, too, is dealing with insecurities, and his socially-unawakened Jenny is a major reason.

*Jenny bakes when she needs a distraction. If you want her carrot cake recipe, contact me. Please be aware that all contacts are automatically subscribed to my newsletter.

Kel's story...

Retired at the top of game as a rodeo rider, Kel now wants the education he walked out on as a know-it-all teenager and thinks Esme Bryant is just the little teach to help him get it. But just as Kel is ready to settle into scholarship, Esme is ready to kick over the traces and become the woman she's always wanted to be. 

*Kel also rides charea - Mexican-style rodeo. If you want to know more about this fascinating sport, contact me. Please be aware that all contacts are automatically subscribed to my newsletter.

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