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When the Music's in You

"When the Music's in You" is a series of stand-alone romance/women's fiction novels featuring musicians and the women who love them. With no crossover characters or settings, the books can be read in any order. 

Finding Julie 1.3.1.jpg

Can a broken heart accept a miracle it doesn't want?


It was only supposed to be for that one spring. For British rock star Gideon, a time to heal… if he could. For Sabrina, a time to renew. No one mentioned love. When the world came knocking, they parted. No commitment, they agreed. No promises. No tomorrows.


But time doesn't stand still and what was a distant future is now as close as tomorrow. Both have changed. Heart still calls to heart and this time the call cannot be ignored.  Gideon must accept or walk away. And Sabrina? She must accept or let go. Because sometimes love just isn’t enough.

Remember when?


Well, no.


Following a minor accident, Julie can’t remember when she met her husband, when she married, or even who her husband is. But James has no trouble at all remembering his wife and he wants a divorce. It falls to Mac to take Julie to his ranch while she deals with her amnesia.


Yet who can resist a cowboy with fascinating spectacles and who plays the violin so well it makes one weep? Julie sure can’t.

And then she remembers her husband and her marriage.

And then she remembers why she forgot.

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