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The Flowers of Ashbury Street

Once upon a time, four little girls in an older neighborhood in San Antonio formed a club under the overhang of a huge weeping willow tree. They called it The Garden Club of Ashbury Street and each little girl gave herself a flower name. Now those little girls are all grown up, and life... Well, you know how that goes. 

This is a 'meant to be' series.


Queen Anne's Lace


Is she Cinderella or has Beauty met her Beast?


Annie and John meet at a summer ball and both fall hard. Almost immediately, life steps in to separate them. Twelve years later, they meet again, this time as employer and employee. During the lost years, Annie was forced to put her dreams on hold, John married, was widowed, has a child, was badly scarred in an accident. Now, though the embers of a past flame still glow, trust on both sides is an issue.

Still, John and Annie might discount the magic of a summer ball, but a stubborn little girl wants a mom.




Not out yet, but COMING SOON

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