Viva, San Antonio!


Texas is roughly 800 miles from its farthest points north to south, and another 800 miles east to west. At its heart, and in its heart, lies the city of San Antonio.

VIVA SAN ANTONIO! celebrates a community that still honors its Spanish/Mexican heritage, embraces its cowtown past and present, and shows the world that blending cultures is a wise and wonderful thing to do.

In San Antonio, Spanish is as much spoken as English, cowboys and ranchers still meet at the Menger Hotel, Fiesta rules every spring in a week-long city-wide party, and Cinco de Mayo is as celebrated as the Fourth of July.

Meet three of the locals:

Pals from one of the barrios on the city’s southwest side, these three amigos began high school together, young and ready for the last leg of their public education. There’s Trinidad – Trini – Moscorro, the jock, ready and willing to pulverize on the football field but with a soft spot for the weak and wounded.

And there’s his friend Gabriel Trujillo, torn between his scholarly ambitions and work obligations to his family.

Rounding out the trio is Kelton Lujan – Kel – who has gone from the studious boy he was to the disruptive mischievous teen he became following his father’s death.

Only one of these three friends finished high school. For all of them, however, their greatest lessons came from life itself. Regrets, resentment, restructuring, all continue to take their toll.

Eighteen years have passed since the three friends entered Martinez High. Now, with a lot of living under their collective belts, each of them finds himself gravitating back to the school where they started out.

Trini, now a single father and a coach at Martinez after being a made for TV wrestler, wants to keep a low profile and protect his family from Rae Malloy, a flashy female reporter who isn’t afraid of an ex-wrestler, but is scared silly of his kids.

Gabe wants closure with Jennifer Becker, the shy teacher whose insecurities cost him his youthful dreams. But now Gabe’s own insecurities could cost him his family and it takes Jenny to help him find his way.

Kel wants the education he walked out on and thinks that in Esme Bryant he’s found just the little teach to help him get it. And Esme may be willing to help him get that education, but she’s definitely not willing to become another of Kel’s Angels.

With the culturally rich city of San Antonio as backdrop, these three amigos still have some learning to do.