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No Tomorrows: Learn about the Texas Coast

The part of the Texas Coastal Bend where Gideon winds up lies between Galveston and Corpus Christi. There are areas of great beauty and areas of not so great beauty. There are some really nice beaches, but a lot of the country is farm and ranch land where Sabrina grew up. Good grazing land, but near the water are shallow marshy mudflats. Oh, but the skies over that flat marshy land! Beautiful. The area, too, is a birders paradise.

When she moves to San Antonio, Sabrina has an apartment overlooking the city’s famed River Walk. Here are some of the sights she might see from her balcony in this video below.


Finding Julie: Behind the Scenes

Julie doesn’t know a whole lot about herself, but one thing she does know is that she is an artist. While Julie trying to get her life back on track she does caricatures in Market Square in San Antonio. For a fun look at where she was working, check out this Facebook page.

Mac’s ranch is deep in the Davis Mountains of Far West Texas. It’s rugged, rocky, high desert mountain terrain. Like the Appalachians, the Davis Mountains are ancient, more ancient than the upstart Rockies. Julie calls them wise. I would agree.


Bulldog vs. The Crusher: A Love Story, Book 1,


Trini is a single dad with one child of his own by birth but with another through adoption. In addition, he is fostering a fourteen-year-old. This site shows you what he had to go through to become a foster parent.

For his life as a former TV wrestler, Trini’s participation in the, um, sport is VERY loosely based on lucha libre, US/Mexican border style wrestling. You can get a taste of the real thing in this video. As I said, LOOSELY, based. P.S., I found it interesting that the video closes with a bit of Johnny Cash.


Getting to Real, Book 2,


Jenny loves to cook and to take her mind off her broken heart, she seeks out a recipe that takes time, effort, and concentration. This is the recipe she settled on. It’s a Southern Living recipe so it’s bound to be delicious, right? Download the recipe below.

Gabe takes Jenny to the Battle of Flowers Parade. You can get a taste of it in this You Tube video. It’s long, but if you want to fast forward to get a look at one of the beautiful trains the girls are wearing with their gowns you can go to the 13.21 spot. You will notice they are so heavy that they are not attached to the gowns for the parade but are supported separately. At the 16.01 mark a few of the Fiesta Ladies show off their shoes. And at the 33.24 mark you will find some of the charos, though none of them are doing the rope tricks Kel does.


Kel's Angel, Book 3

Viva, San Antonio!

Before he joined the American rodeo circuit, Kel was riding charreada. That’s rodeo, Mexican style. It’s different from its American cousin in that it’s more styalized, a team sport, and the participants don’t ride for prize money, only the for the pride of winning.

The video below will show you a little about it. Charreadas now takes place all over the US where you find Hispanic ranchers and/or cowboys (charos, as they are called) but has its origin in Mexico and Spain before that.

One evening, Kel’s good friend takes Esme to dinner at a restaurant on the River Walk. Kel just wishes he’d thought of it first.