Books by Doris Rangel

Viva, San Antonio! Series

bulldog vs. the crusher:



Trini, now a single father and a coach at Martinez after being the made-for-TV wrestler known as The Masked Crusher, wants only to keep a low profile and protect his family from Rae Malloy, a flashy female reporter who isn’t afraid of an ex-wrestler, but is scared silly of his kids. Sparks of every kind begin to fly. Irresistible force, meet immovable object.

getting to real



Gabe wants closure with Jennifer Becker, the shy teacher whose insecurities cost him his youthful dreams. But now Gabe’s own insecurities could cost him his family from which he already feels alienated and it takes Jenny to help him find his way.

Release Date: October 4, 2018

Kel's Angel



Kel wants the education he walked out on and thinks that in Esme Bryant he’s found just the little teach to help him get it. Esme may be willing to help him get that education, but she’s definitely not willing to become another of Kel’s Angels.

Release Date: November 1, 2018

When the Music's In You Series


No tomorrows

No Tomorrows
By Doris Rangel

After a brief and passionate affair Gideon and Sabrina promised each other no commitment. A few years later they meet again, and with passion and love still strong, they now want a future together. This time, however, there is a major impediment, which neither knows how to fix. Her name is Amy.


finding julie

They tell her it's phychosomatic amnesia because all Julie has forgotten is her husband and her marriage. They also say she's a cold brittle sophisticate when she clearly remembers herself being the proverbial girl next door. How does one forget oneself? And since the husband who wanted a divorce doesn't show up to claim her, who is the loving man who takes her home with him?