When the Music's in You

Announcing the pulication of FINDING JULIE, the second book in my When the Music's in You mini-series. Along with NO TOMORROWS, each book is a stand alone tale with no overlap of characters or events. That music is a turning point in each story is their only connection, but it's a powerful one.

In NO TOMORROWS, Gideon, the rock star, loses his music and doesn't know how to find it again, until at last he comes to terms with a horrible tragedy in his past. It takes the poet Sabrina to help him do it, however.

In FINDING JULIE, Mac is a classical violinist who, due to family obligations, had to leave his music behind in order to work for his grandfather's business enterprises. Still, his music both cost him a loving wife and brings her back to him.

A book 3 in this series may or may not happen. That's why I'm calling it a mini-series. Maybe I should have called it a duo? a duet? I'm toying with a possible novella but if it comes to fruition it will have to wait its turn in the writing queue.

Next up will be the first book in The Martinez High Chronicles, a series of stories, many of them bi-cultural, built around the dropouts, teachers and graduates of a high school on the less than affluent side of San Antonio, Texas.