Viva, San Antonio!

Kelton Lujan, Gabriel Trujillo, and Trinidad Moscorro entered Martinez High, a school in one of San Antonio’s many Hispanic barrios. Young, wild, very intelligent and full of dreams, these three amigos were also green as grass freshmen, unknowing that life can sometimes deal a rude awakening before dreams are realized.

Hell-raising was Kel’s trademark. He was also devilishly handsome with a mischievous infectious humor, none of which put food on his family’s table following the death of his father. An after-school job showed the boy he could ride anything he could throw a saddle over and make good money when he did it. He dropped out of Martinez his sophomore year.

Through sheer determination, Gabe managed to stay in Martinez long past what anyone, including himself, expected. Missing more days than he attended because of family problems, and with a running battle with the rules of English punctuation, it would take a miracle for this highly creative young man to stay in school. Almost, he got his miracle…. But, no. Gabe joined the Army at eighteen and finished his education there.

Only Trini graduated from Martinez. He even went on to college and took his degree. He became a wrestler so that he could also become a single father to five homeless kids. Now a coach at Martinez, he finds he still has things to learn about style and substance.

It’s been eighteen years since the three entered Martinez High for the first time. With a lot of living under their collective belts, each of them finds himself gravitating back to the school where they started out.

Kel wants the education he walked out on and thinks that in Esme Bryant he’s found just the little teach to help him get it.

Gabe wants closure with Jennifer Becker, the shy teacher whose insecurities cost him his youthful dreams.

And Trini, now a coach at Martinez, wants to keep a low profile and protect his family from Rae Malloy, a flashy female reporter who isn’t afraid of an ex-wrestler, but is scared silly of his kids.

With the culturally rich city of San Antonio as backdrop, it’s time for the three amigos to settle in and settle down to take care of business.