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Viva, San Antonio!

Kelton Lujan, Gabriel Trujillo, and Trinidad Moscorro entered Martinez High, a school in one of San Antonio’s many Hispanic barrios. Young, wild, very intelligent and full of dreams, these three amigos were also green as grass freshmen, unknowing that life can sometimes deal a rude awakening before dreams are realized.

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Is it a series? (When the Music's in You)

I've been wrestling with that question. Amazon will create a series page for me, if I want, and I can advertise these two books with a blogger who is setting up lists of series reads for readers who really enjoy reading them. But would it be false advertising on my part?

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When the Music's in You

Announcing the publication of FINDING JULIE, the second book in my When the Music's in You mini-series. Along with NO TOMORROWS, each book is a stand alone tale with no overlap of characters or events. That music is a turning point in each story is their only connection, but it's a powerful one.

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