Is it a series? (When the Music's in You)

When the Music's in you.

Is this really a series?

I've been wrestling with that question. Amazon will create a series page for me, if I want, and I can advertise these two books with a blogger who is setting up lists of series reads for readers who really enjoy reading them. But would it be false advertising on my part? Because I'm just not sure that what I have is actually a series, perse. Each of my two books, NO TOMORROWS and FINDING JULIE, is a stand alone story. They have no commonality in characters, either primary or secondary, and no commonality of setting - one is set primarily on the Texas coast and the other is set primarily in Far West Texas. They have no commonality of story line, either, EXCEPT both pivot on the music that's in them; hence, the, um, series title. Gideon, a professional musician in NO TOMORROWS, initially suffers a terrible loss, after which the losses just seem to pile up. Ultimately, he loses the music in him, too, to the point he no longer knows who he is. Mac, in FINDING JULIE,  wanted to be a professional musician but gave it up for family obligations. But it's still in him and lures his wife out of her psychosomatic hiding.

So you see my dilemma. Series, yes? or series, no?

But my wrestling started me thinking about the influence of music in our lives, and I've concluded there is no living without it. Historically, I've never read of any past or present civilization that has not incorporated it into their culture, whether it's the beating of sticks together or creating the most complicated of instruments. Of course, the ultimate instrument, past or present, is the voice. Humanity, I think, has an innate need to sing, and along with it, an innate need to rhythmically sway. We sing our babies to sleep, and if we are holding them, we sway while we're singing. Can't seem to help it, we just do. We sing when we mourn, we sing when we are triumphant, we sing when we are happy. We sing to woo, to entice, to reject, to unite, to encourage, to teach. One little, two little, three little Indians.... A, B, C, D, E, F, Geee..... Remember Sesame Street? I'm just a bill..... 

Voice may have been the first instrument, but humanity followed it by creating hundreds more - so we could dance, or posture, or build adrenaline and/or courage, show off our masculinity or femininity. Today we are just as susceptible to music as we ever were hundreds or thousands of years ago. In radio, it was/is incorporated to create backdrop and build mood for spoken stories; in advertising there are all those jingles we can't get out of our heads; in movies, it gets its own Oscars. Science believes in it. The Bible mentions 'the music of the spheres' and scientists who listen to the universe agree there is music out there -- atonal perhaps, but there. They've heard it. In the film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, it was suggested that musical notes could very well be our initial communication method with beings from other planets, as a commonality linking all civilizations, earthly and alien, together.

Yes, but is it a series?