I'm new to blogging.

Heck, I'm new to having a website.

Fact is, it is my firm belief that anything techy related is out to get you and it knows when you are afraid. That's when it bites you on the b- … hand just to keep you that way.

But I've returned to writing after being away from it for several years and the only way people know you're alive these days is through their digital devises. So world, here I am, blogging on my website. That being said, please forgive all wonkiness whenever and wherever it may occur here.

And since this website is all about the writing, I want to tell you about the novels I wrote in my past life as a Silhouette Romance writer. These books still belong to Harlequin/Silhouette. I don't know how to feature them on my “Books” page on this site, so I'm going to do it the old-fashioned way and just tellling you about them sans book covers. The books are old, but not quite dead and Amazon breathes life into them on occasion. If you are interested, I've pasted in the URLs but it may be easier just to go onto Amazon and feed it the title or my name. You can read all of them except one on a Kindle (and probably other e-readers as well). Why Silhouette chose not to kindle-ize that one, I don't know. I didn't have anything to do with setting the odd pricing, either.

You might see a bit of difference in my description of the book and Silhouette's. Sometimes I wondered if Silhouette's blurb writers were blurbing so many books they were just writing the things based on supposition.

Silhouette's blurb for MOUNTAIN MAN, my first Silhouette Special Edition, wasn't half bad, however, even if a little over the top, so I'll just paraphrase it to save my brain a bit:

“Town rebel Hank Mason grew up to be all harsh angles and scowls. So how did two newcomers to town get a toehold on Hank's granite facade? Fact was, Gloria and her small son Jamey proved as prickly as Hank. Still they wrapped a fist around his stony heart and squeezed. Jamey learned to laugh again. Gloria began to giggle. Even Hank cracked a few smiles. But could hard-bitten Hank let love in?”

PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENT, also a Silhouette Special Edition. (I hated this title. I wanted to call the story “Winning Hand” but it seems Nora Roberts wanted to use that title as well. You can guess where I stood in the who gets what lineup.) (I didn't like the cover, either. China Dare looks like a lowly secretary and Yance is her dominating boss. Actually, he's a rancher and she's a cowboy's daughter.)

This is a 'marriage of convenience' story. After Yance wins China Dare in a bunkhouse poker game thinking she's a horse, she sets him straight, as well as her itinerant cowboy daddy who bet her in the game. But she has to laugh. Her dad thought he'd found a way for someone to take care of her in case something happened to him. In fact, it's China who wants to find a permanent place where her dad can retire. Yance too is looking for someone to take care of his son, Trace, in case he doesn't survive the dangerous surgery that is in his near future. With everyone needing someone, he and China agree to wed on condition that China will take care of Trace as long as needed and Yance will give China's father a permanent home to live out his days. It all looks good on paper, but what happens when that paper becomes the barrier to a happily ever after?