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Welcome to my webpage. Mostly I write romance, though if you're looking for hot and steamy, you won't find it in my stories. When there's sex, and usually there is but not always, the bedroom door might be open, but not enough to get anyone too hot and bothered. As d.j. Rangel I also write Western fiction.


There She Is



Back in the day, Annie thought she was Cinderella. She wasn't. Her handsome prince broke her glass slipper. Oh, all right. He lost her phone number. Never called. Broke her heart. Life goes on. When they meet up again a decade later, turns out her new employer is her old flame-out. Annie's wiser now, and the man signing her paycheck isn't the charming prince he once was, either. Now John is a single father who was broadsided by a drunk driver, his no longer handsome face costing him his marriage. Still, the magic between these two is flickering into life again, yet neither is willing to trust it. Can his lonely little daughter bring them together, or will suspicion and distrust crush their second chance for a happy ever after?

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